The Blissfield Sports Medicine Advisory Team’s job is to oversee and advise the Blissfield Athletic Department on issues related to sports medicine, injury prevention and rehabilitation protocol (return to competition following injury, concussion, …).  The team consist of the following individuals:

Dr. William Gray, MD

Dr. Jonathan Quinton, DPT

Dr. Emily Quinton, DPT 

Bailey Feekings – Athletic Trainer 

Steve Babbitt – Athletic Director 


Bailey Feekings – Bailey, a 2013 Hudson graduate, joined our team  in August 2018 and when not serving our students she can be found at the clinic. Bailey earned her Athletic Training Certification (ATC) in 2017  from Adrian College, where she also earned her Bachelor’s (2017) and Master’s (2018) Degrees. While at Hudson, Bailey lettered in volleyball, basketball and softball. Her hobbies outside of athletics include spending time with family and friends, going out on the lake, and working out. She is also the owner of a 9 month old yellow lab.



Like most schools, Blissfield contracts their sports medicine coverage through a 3rd party, but that is where the similarities end. Blissfield’s first “full time” athletic trainer was during the 1997-98 school year as part of a contract with the Lenawee Health Alliance.  The head of the LHA Sports Medicine Team was Jamie Creps. LHA became part of ProMedica and the partnership with Blissfield continued until the end of the 2004-05 school year. In 2005, Jamie left ProMedica, opened James Creps Physical Therapy, and offered a deal Blissfield couldn’t turn down – Blissfield could continue to have a full-time trainer and in return JCPT would absorb 100% of the cost.

In the summer of 2013, Jonny and Emily Quinton purchased James Creps Physical Therapy and officially renamed the clinic Transcend Physical Therapy.  Jonny and Emily are committed to not only continuing to provide the great care at the clinic but are also committed to the great relationship with  Blissfield Community Schools. 



When the decision is made to take an athlete to see a doctor, parents and athletes MUST remember the following:  Before the athlete can return to practice or games the Athletic Department  MUST have a WRITTEN RELEASE from the doctor before the athlete can return to activity.  Do not leave the Doctor’s Office without the paperwork.   

From a liability standpoint – the Athletic Department can not take a verbal OK (“the doctor said I’m ok to play”) from an athlete or a parent.  The BEST thing is to have the doctor write the following: “Patient is released to the care of school’s trainer”.  This type of written release will help with speeding up the rehabilitation and prevent unneeded return visits.



The issue of concussions has been a major topic not only with our Sports Medicine team but State and Nation wide as well. The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) has teamed up with the Michigan Neuro Sport Program from the University of Michigan to present a good on-line concussion education course.  To access additional concussion information, please click on any of the titles below:

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